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Meet Lynnette


Lynnette Baumgart, Certified Clinical Hypnotherpaist (CHT), is a Holistic Practitioner who has studied and worked with many modalities within the Mind/Body Medicine field of natural health and healing for over 20 years. 

I help individuals who want to connect with themselves more deeply for healing (physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual), to connect more deeply with spirit, who seek spiritual growth and have a desire to understand themselves better, seeking to remember their true essence and remove any programming they have absorbed during their lives.


Clients most often come to me for assistance with physical healing (pain, disease, weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.), relationship guidance and understanding (family, significant other, friends, etc.), career guidance, understanding their purpose(s) and to clear blocks (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual). 

My logo speaks of the work that I do in that it represents the Tree of Life within a Medicine Wheel which aids in soul growth and teaches of our connection to all. 

Throughout my research and practice, I found the fastest and most powerful results occurred when working with the 'super conscious mind' through hypnotherapy. The body is an expression of the mind, which in turn is the expression of the spirit and the soul. The current body (in this lifetime) represents the stage that spirit has attained. Healing can be enhanced when connecting through Spiritual Hypnotherapy with your higher self, inner spirit and soul consciousness. 

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I have always had an interest in metaphysical aspects of life as I had seen spirits and had other unusual experiences. While in college, I started reading books about Shamanism, psychics and sixth sense abilities. While exploring all of this, I developed an interest in holistic, natural and complementary healing for wellness. My journey working in this field began as a health coach - I was trained in and learned all about nutrition, working with herbs, yoga, etc. But I realized that no matter how many tools (diets, exercises, etc.) people were given to make changes, if their thoughts and mindset did not change, they were unsuccessful in truly healing. At that point I turned to Hypnotherapy and for over 20 years now, I have been giving private sessions, group guided meditations and workshops. I look forward to assisting you with this amazing journey!

Educational Background and Certifications

  • Certified Soul Key Therapist - an Advanced Past Life Regression with Hyno Academy

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - Atwood Institute for Research & Education, Inc.

  • Medical Hypnotherapy - Medical Hypnotherapy Institute, with Dr. Michael Preston

  • Module Hypnosis Certification - New Beginnings Centers, with Don Rice

  • Neurolinguistic Level One Certification - National Federation of Neurolinguistic Psychology​

  • Integrative NLP Certification  - Empowerment Partnership, with Dr. Mat James

Spiritual Training

  • Qi Gong Sounds and Movement Teaching Certification & Awakening Healing Energy- with Master Hong Liu, Si Fu of Qi Gong 8 Palms, Ying Lung Hsing Tzu Kun Tao

  • Kriya Yoga - Initiation with Marshal Govindan, Québec, Canada

  • Reiki Master Teacher - Usui System Certification

  • Mediumship/Metaphysical Healing - Harmony Chapel with Rev. Frank and Rev. Leslie Sanders at Rising Phoenix

  • Ordained Minister - Universal Life Church

Reading, researching and learning are great passions of mine. If you are also interested in learning more, please visit this link to see my list of recommended reading

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