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My goal is to assist others in clearing blocks, reconnecting with their Higher Self, purpose and self-identity. Doing so through spiritual hypnotherapy allows for clients to be healthier, happier and live more fulfilling lives that are aligned with their purpose(s) and mission(s).

The average duration of a session is 
2 hours
The cost of a regular session is  $150
Sessions begin by discussing with the client four main questions or areas where additional clarity and/or direction is wanted. Topics may include but are not limited to healing (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), relationships (all types), career, health and direction or desire to understand their main purpose(s) and mission(s) in this life. 
When an understanding of the client's desires are clear, the hypnotherapy session begins with a prayer invoking assistance from the client's and my Higher Self, guardian angels and spirit guides. By bringing in the highest realms, highest intelligence and master healers from the highest vibration of love to work with us, we ensure that we are working with the most powerful and superior energy possible. 
During the hypnotherapy session, a person may be shown their past life, present and future aspects that relate to the desired knowledge they are looking for, and/or they may meet with their guides and counselors. Often the Higher Self of others that the individual has some sort of relationship with may come through with guidance and information especially if these two people have an agreement to work with each other in this life for healing, spiritual growth, development and support. 
Depending on what a client desires, they may be shown parts of the Akashic records. Ancestors may also show up for support and to provide additional knowledge. 
Sometimes people bring ‘things’ in from other embodiments that are out of the ordinary. These are discovered in a Spiritual Hypnosis session when there is a block connecting with the Higher Self. In a Soul Key session the Higher Self can be blocked from coming through if it is not cohesive in this embodiment – life incarnate - but was in a different one. Often things are brought up from the client that seem to be out of this world or from a different realm! When this happens assistance is brought in from Diana Acevedo. (Click HERE to learn more about sessions including Diana Acevedo)


Your safety and wellbeing are critically important to us. By using this site and/or purchasing services from Moon Valley Hypnosis, you acknowledge that (a) you are 18 years of age or older and (b) services are not intended as a replacement for professional medical or legal advice, services or diagnosis. If you have a medical or legal situation that requires attention, please seek out the appropriate medical/legal professional. 

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