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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a safe and noninvasive tool of Mind Body Medicine and a form of relaxation therapy used to expedite desired changes in physical health, mental well-being, emotional fulfillment and spiritual harmony. It is based on the premise that the mind, body and spirit are all connected. When there is a discord in one area, symptoms of distress will show up in one or more of the other areas. Studies have indicated that stress alone contributes to physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and relationship issues. Stress reduction is a part of all sessions. 

What happens during a spiritual hypnotherapy session?

Sessions start with a consultation to obtain an understanding of the client's needs, desires and goals. Hypnotherapy begins by guiding a client into a very relaxed, focused state allowing direct communication with the subconscious mind, the Higher Self and more often than not, with spirit guides. 

The Higher Self knows all about the person from the beginning of spiritual birth and what is the highest and best for a person at any given time. Within the subconscious are all memories, beliefs and perceptions stored from this lifetime. 

Communicating with the subconscious mind brings forth answers that are often suppressed. Root causes and outdated perceptions that create blocks can be discovered. Analytical and suggestive therapies are used to assist the client with the desired beneficial changes. 

What are Lynnette's areas of specialty?

My goal is to assist others in clearing blocks, reconnecting with their Higher Self, purpose and self-identity. Doing so through spiritual hypnotherapy allows for clients to be healthier, happier and live more fulfilling lives that are aligned with their purpose(s) and mission(s). This is done using the methods listed below. 

Soul Key Therapy: An Advanced Spiritual Hypnotherapy Technique

Soul Key Therapy is an advanced tool for soul development, insights and understanding. Through soul communication while in the theta state, one can easily work on an intuitive soul level, which can facilitate a powerful healing of your body, mind and spirit. This type of therapy integrates your wisdom and knowledge from your current, past and future lives. Truly, it is a quantum technique that allows people to access the part of themselves that has all the answers and provides healing at all levels. 

The key to this unique technique is that it works from a specially designed "base" - a place where you feel at home, a place that is between dimensions and where you can access everything. Where you might stumble upon challenges or limitations in other common techniques, Soul Key is a guarantee for the answers you need now, and provides certainty that you can find the answers to unlock any closed doors on your spiritual path. 

Past Life Regression

Every one of us is a soul in a body. The soul is at a certain stage of evolution. This is where past life experiences come into the picture of this life. The body is an expression of the mind, which in turn is the expression of the spirit, the soul. The current body represents the stage that the spirit has attained. Past Life Regression assists you in claiming your soul's heritage, fulfilling your destiny, reconnecting with your Higher Self, spirit and your purpose. Absolutely no religious or spiritual beliefs are required.

Analytical Hypnotherapy

During this type of session, the client is guided through age regression to find out when the root cause occurred that is contributing to their current life issues and presenting problems. This is done without having to re-experience the event. Once the root problem(s) and when they took place are identified, process work is then used to bring the client to healthier avenues for expression and thus, healing begins anew. The results can be life changing. 

What if you experience a block connecting with your higher self during a session?

Sometimes people bring ‘things’ in from other embodiments that are out of the ordinary. These are discovered in a Spiritual Hypnosis session when there is a block connecting with the Higher Self. In a Soul Key session the Higher Self can be blocked from coming through if it is not cohesive in this embodiment – life incarnate - but was in a different one. Often things are brought up from the client that seem to be out of this world or from a different realm! When this happens assistance is brought in from Diana Acevedo.


As an energy healer, medium, and seer, who channels the Ancestors, Diana is able to work with transcendence; existence or experience beyond the normal or physical level. Put more simply, she is a seer working within multiple realms.  Diana can see blocks that need healing that may have served a purpose in another embodiment but is not serving them in this time and space. She works with the assistance of Spirit for clearing as Spirit provides eyes to see what is blocking the individual.


Having the additional assistance is needed by a Seer in order to focus on clearing the blockage, releasing it and to see the light and possibilities for continued soul development and growth, as everything has a purpose. The work that we do is connected between multiple realms at different levels. Diana brings forth a clear, strong connection with Spirit.


I make appointments with Diana for my clients. Sessions are done at my office with the use of Face Time. When requested by the Ancestors, I assist with the energy healing and also take notes for the client when appropriate. The average session is 2 hours and the cost is $150.00, $105 for Diana and $45 for Lynnette.

Diana Acevedo
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