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"Driving home after our session, I felt a renewed inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm for life."

Peggy F.

"I feel more grounded and open to communicating with spirit and my Higher Self"

Melanie T.

"Amazing, amazing amazing; Lynnette is a master in her field. I've had multiple sessions with her and each one was completely different. She has an innate ability to guide one to a state of more awareness and expansion"

Colette C.

"Hello! Anyone interested in an easy way to get information from the Akashic Records, listen up! Lynnette got me there in a jiffy and had things organized for me so I didn't forget anything important. The hypnotic state was light and easy to work with. It felt genuine and real. Not my first time being hypnotized, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to communicate with that side." 

Sally H.

"Wow!! Thank you Lynnette for an amazing experience...Not only was understanding a past life event helpful but listening to the recording you did of unbelievable. I get chills when I listen to it. I feel less fearful of my journey and am mindfully continuing on my soul's purpose set before me. Thank you, for this wonderful experience. I know this service you provide will help many. Blessings for all you do." 

Diana P.

"The day after our session, I woke up feeling more functional and even stood my ground with an employee later in the week. Thank you for the long needed help." 

Claudia L.

"I did not expect to get all of the answers to my past life questions - but not only did I get them, I received so much more. I left with a feeling of being complete and empowered. I am more settled into 'myself' than ever before."

Jamie V.

"The session was relaxing and expertly facilitated by Lynnette. Her guidance before, during and after the session was clear and concise. I left with new insights regarding my purpose, a clearer connection to my higher self, and concrete steps forward to reach the outcomes I desire. She provided wonderful notes and a recorded copy of the session for further reflection afterwards. The session itself was a wonderful experience and it continued to unfold and breed new insights weeks after the fact. I highly recommend a Soul Key session with Lynnette."

Rebecca M.

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